2012 Chrysler 200 Review

You know those of you who have seen my previous review of the Chrysler. Sebring no not a big fan of it so when the Chrysler 200 came out I was looking for bigger and better things some get right to the point that good news and bad. The media the good news styling much better front end looks better the back end very premium looking this particular vehicles equipped with the optional 3.6 liter of variable valve timing V6 it’s a really really nice engine and get 29 on the highway in 19 in the city we didn’t quite get those numbers became real close up but it was you know very smooth power again another another plus for Christ. From the moment he stepped into the Chrysler 200 you notice that.

2012 Chrysler 200It’s been dramatically upgrade. Steering wheel build nice and thick nice leather the gauges, very much improved the navigation system which was really a minus in the past. Nice lights led Chrysler 200 headlight assembly. Again they did a great job with it all the little touches the the controls. Again upgraded another negative you’ll see bring was the seating but the crisis 200 went way up scaled comfortable seats they’d look good like a white stitching also those hard edgy plastic service if you had the past those are gone Boston premium audio is is wonderful even little things like the analog our courts are clock here this nice touches to become a crisis bill will more premium okay so there you have it there is the good news also the price starting at about 24000 with destination handling as seen here about 27000 now we’re going to talk about the bad news. The bad news is. Car just doesn’t drive very well. You know we’ve gone about 60 miles an hour connected to break try make that left turn whole thing started shaking a little bit it just doesn’t feel up to par with the competition so.

Sorry to say Chrysler I really like what you did dressed up the. Sebring pig if you may and made it look wonderful. But at the end of the day this is not a very good driving car also the steering a lot of torque steer more torque steer than any other car in the segment. I just didn’t really feel comfortable didn’t feel secure so there you have it that’s my review I’m hoping that as Christ to continue down this path they will make improvements not only to the exterior and the interior touches but also to the way the vehicle drive because after all that’s the most important thing. For more information for Headlights, visit us on the website beedlelight.com see you next time.