How to prolong the life of your car?

carThe first thing you need to pay attention is the engine – the “heart” of your car. Interruptions in the operation of the engine will create problems in the entire system. Therefore, you should regularly diagnose the engine, fill only high-quality fuel and oil. Protect the new engine of heavy braking or a very high speed.

By the way, a strong “shock” to the motor is run it in a frost. Very attentive to the oil manufacturer (try to acquire only proven brands). It is also important to pay attention to the oil shelf life. With regard to fuel, unfortunately, it’s very difficult to be sure of its quality, even if you pay for the best fuel.

The only thing that can be advised in this situation is to refuel on proven gas station and store checks in the event of any litigation.

Coolant is changed at least twice a year. Watch out for its level constantly to your car does not suffer from overheating.