How to change a headlight switch on 2005 Dodge Dakota

2005 dodge dakota headlightsYou now have you in the insulation article for 2005 Dodge Dakota and up to you to come a projector headlights. These are the set of tools that we recommend for the installation. We will start by opening up the hood of your vehicle. Please locate the 2 red arrows removed it to 10000000. Screws as you see here in the article. Please remove the 2 plastic clips. The next step is to remove the front grill by pulling it upwards. Please remove the plastic clips located in the corner of the 2005 Dodge Dakota headlights assembly. Below the headlight you are able to remove the headlight garnish. At the top of the front bumper locate 3 plastic clips as you see in the video and go ahead and remove those.

Remove the 10 millimeters screw. Coordinates the fender well and you will remove the plastic clip as you see here in the video. Gently pull the inner fender liner aside. The You will find a 10 millimeter full and you remove it. On your headlight bracket remove to 10 millimeter screws. Now gently disconnect the light sockets and had like harnesses from the headlight. You are free to remove this stock Dodge Dakota headlight. And This.Connect the light sockets and headlight harnesses. Headlight that place it in the stock location. You’ll now tighten everything back together in the reverse order please carefully review this.Make sure your lights are working properly.